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Leslie. 22 years old. Chicago-ish.

I like reading, collecting records, writing, restoring typewriters (to the best of my limited ability), watching anime, eating ice cream, and looking cute. Also, cannibals.

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Apparently my dad has unwittingly been set up for a blind date to see ABBA at Ravinia, so he bought the movie Mamma Mia to educate himself and his perplexed facial expressions are downright magical to behold.


You think this is a joke but it’s 100000% accurate

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How do I tie my shoes without becoming a republican? Serious question for a friend.


you wear shoes? Bet you fucking hate gays too. wow….. wow. go burn down a rainforest and shoot some whales in the face with your semi automatic baby killing assault rifle.

you fucking wear shoes? 

why don’t you go spit on some south american refugee children. 

I am sickened 

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Fuck it, I’m spending 100 fucking dollars on a hair salon day and I’m not stopping myself, I fucking need this. I always put myself off from haircuts and I’m way too lazy about trimming to justify the money I’m not actually saving by letting my hair be damaged. I haven’t even had an actual haircut since I was 20, and I’ve only trimmed my hair annually since then (for shame, Leslie, for shame). I hate the color of my hair and everyone’s like “ooh ombre wow wish I could do that” and I’m like “nope I’m just growing out my hair from when it was bleached and the part that’s light right now was actually darker than my (quite long, seriously, you think this is intentional?) roots but it faded because it hasn’t been touched since I was 19.” I just want everything to be close to my natural hair color so I can have an easier time growing out the last of my hair. At the very least, I need a professional to give me a haircut that isn’t all one length as a result of growing out and then trimming whatever layers I once had. My face type suffers under layerless, long hair. AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THESE BANGS SO I CAN DO SOMETHING WITH THEM AND NOT JUST CLIP THEM BACK ALL THE TIME.

I seriously seriously seriously don’t like spending money on salon appointments, but when one realizes one is going to have to apologize to the stylist for one’s messy, untameable hair, that’s probably a good indicator that it’s time to TREAT YO SELF and bitch I have EARNED a salon day with my back to back 4.0 semesters and Honors Program stuff and all the hard work I’ve done in the past few months and all the work I’ve put into securing my odds for getting into Emerson and (fingers crossed) getting into the top of the admission pool (because I’m a Warhammer ork and I WILL make it happen if I tell myself it can happen).

And the only reason I’m posting this is so I can formally declare that I WILL MAKE MY BITCH ASS GO TO THE SALON because I will seriously go another two years thinking my hair is a burden instead of liking it, and that’s just foolish. No one should dislike their morning routine or an aspect of their appearance for multiple years just because they don’t want to indulge once in a while. If I end up saying later that I’m not going and I’m saving the money, someone please slap me, because I assure you that money was going to pay for a new backpack to replace the backpack that I can just patch up and for an optical drive for my laptop, which is not exactly immediately necessary except to fulfill my mix CD urges.



can we stop calling iggy azalea just “iggy”?

single name Iggy will always be Iggy Pop to me y’all have me confused with every post

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Audition - 1999

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Looking up information about becoming a graphic novel/comic book editor is ridiculous; it’s just a flood of “how to become a comic book writer” and “how to become a comic book artist” with a pinch of actually helpful things. BUT I learned today that there’s such a thing as a degree in Sequential Art, which is basically a degree in comic books. I thought the whole undergraduate degree in publishing thing was limited (since there’s basically only 3 choices that I’ve been able to find), but this is even more microcosmic. The number of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs that exist (or that I’ve been able to find) can be counted on one hand. I want to design my own major to include Writing, Literature & Publishing and Sequential Art somehow, but… I mean, these are both super specific options that can each only be found at a super specific school. I wouldn’t be able to get anything close to a sequential art course at Emerson. I’m just going to keep with my route of majoring in publishing and then migrating into graphic novels OR editing some sort of magazine about comics? I’m actually applying to volunteer as an editor and maaaaybe columnist for an online publication devoted to comics and graphic novels, so there’s that. ANYWAY MY CAREER GOALS ARE SUPER SPECIFIC BUT AT LEAST I HAVE A PLAN!

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MACBETH : Stars, hide your fires;
Let not light see my black and deep desires.

William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act I Scene IV (via joielalune)

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